Sunday, June 29, 2008

Atlanta Police stalk Critical Mass

This really bothers me (imagine that). Our southern neighbors in Atlanta must have solved all of the murders and arrested all the drug dealers and child molesters because it seems that their big priority now is harassing proactive cyclist. Damn those uppity cyclist conserving all those fossil fuels our boy are fightin' fer! Selfish jerks. I love how cyclist, cyclist (!), are singled out and stalked by the authorities who, if i remember correctly, are public servants whose job exists for the purpose of serving and protecting the public. If asked whether i wanted my tax dollars to go towards arresting drug dealers and thieves versus capturing those pesky hooligan bikers that inconvenienced me for two minutes on the way home from work one friday, which do you think I would choose? Screw it...Burger King doesnt even ask me how i want it anymore; i dont see why the state would either. Anyhow, here is the header and link:

After many months of peaceful coexistence, Atlanta police decided to pursue and ticket the monthly Critical Mass bike ride. While other cities have had much more confrontational episodes between...

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