Sunday, July 6, 2008

Have You Seen My Belt?

In one week I will begin building my new frame. I have flip flopped time and time again as to what kind of bike I plan to make. I was originally going to make a fixed pursuit bike and hoped to copy GT's triple-triangle design but now i'm not so sure. I want to get the most out of the class and feel like doing a fixed gear with no braze ons or brake mounts would be shorting myself some valuable experience. Soooo, I want to do somethng unique but universally applicable to other bikes. I need another road bike since I just sold my Specialized. I also sold my 29'er. Lately, I have been really intrigued with Spot's new Carbon Drive belt system (in collaboration with Chris King). I am toying with the idea of using their split drive side dropout. Since the system uses a conituous belt instead of a chain, the dropout splits open allowing you to install the belt. The system has been used on SS cyclocross bikes and SS MTB's. The whole system/idea is not totally new, (first mainstage showing at last years Interbike) but not at all common either. I really like the idea of a rigid, hand brazed, steel frame, belt driven 29er. Of course, I could go 650 B and really mix it up. Ideas?


Tyler said...

sweet i want one

beardsarefun said...

I do too. I talked with Koichi and he wants me to keep it simple for the first frame. I am doing a road bike...gonna do a Campy build with King/Velocity wheels. Probably gonna sell the Cross Check.

incognito said...

Please no, not a GT copy. I always hated the three triangle frame.