Thursday, August 14, 2008

BikeSnob Defines Irony

I had to repost this. It perfectly puts into words that which I could not. Thank you BIkeSnob for being there to eloquently express that which the rest of us fumble to explain yet so dearly feel. I loved this:

Pics Found on FGG:
First, Aerospokes were just crappy wheels a few people thought were cool. Then, they were hip. Then, people started spelling it "Arrospok" and they became ironic. Now, like any number of ironic accessories and like the fixed-gear craze itself, they've broken on through to the other side and are, once again, just crappy, except now a lot of people think they're cool instead of just a few. Like this guy, which is why he has two of them.

Likewise, showing off both your bike and your torso in a gym is ridiculous, but it's not ironic. Gyms may be full of iron, but they are irony-free zones, and the people who patronize them are generally irony-free as well. For this to be ironic, he would have to know how ridiculous he looks, and I don't think he does.

I guess maybe the fact that he calls himself "Fatty" but isn't might be ironic, but I'd argue instead that it's vain. He wants you to notice he's not a fatty and that he works out. He may or may not also want you to notice that he bears an eerie resemblance to B-Real from Cypress Hill:

Somehow it just seems to capture the spirit of island-inspired jewelry and testosterone.

There's certainly irony in this shot of the owner in motion:

And that irony lies in the fact that it evokes that same look of surprise, fear, and kinetic urgency you see in the famous Sasquatch photo:

Of course, this irony was probably not intentional, so it should reflect on neither the owner nor the bike. So, having concluded to my own satisfaction that the owner is not an ironic person, and thus is incapable of having built an ironic bicycle, I'm going to declare this bicycle completely irony-free.

Please do your best to disregard the irony of that declaration.


Marshmallow said...

I should have known when i saw that post on fgg that there would be some kind of response from someone. This is the only jackass that included himself in the pictures of his bike.

beardsarefun said...

Yeh, Its weird for me to think that this guy invested so much time and money to get those results...I just dont have any cycling friends that look like that. I mean, how did he get into fixed gears and why does he ride in those heinous shoes? Seems like he would have been too busy rolling blunts and watching America's Best Dance Crew.

incognito said...

Dude, that guy rocks! Just check out the hat kicked to the side. :-)