Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have To Slap A Ho?

People have lost their frickin mind! I saw this earlier tonight and just about shit myself. Chari & Co. wants $1350 for a f-ing Pista! Is it filled with cocaine or platinum plated? For the love of God, It has an Aerospoke front wheel and a rear wheel with a Formula hub! That in itself should make it cheaper. Whats a pista run new, maybe $650? So you mean to tell me that they want to charge you an extra $700, more than the actual bike cost new, for a 20 year old (i dont care if its new, its old worthless technology) boat anchor of a wheel, a rear wheel that meets the bare minimum criteria for a track wheel, an old ass Selle Italia Flite, a set of mid level Sugino cranks, and a generic, fugly riser bar? And oh snap, no grips, bar tape, or toe straps so you know its hardcore!

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