Friday, August 22, 2008

Now Ya know

There has been a lot of debate and controversy going on between cyclists and motorist. Most cyclist are also motorist and it's not hard for us to understand some of their complaints. While I enjoy riding in traffic to some degree, I don't like being a nuisance and would love an alternative to holding up traffic. I think all of us would. The obvious solution would be bike lanes which seems as obtainable as world peace. Until then, motorist will have to deal with it. Some have brought up the fact that motorist pay registration fees and gas taxes as justification for their "we own the road" mentality. Ken Kifer goes into more detail and explains it better than I can. Read More Here. The truth is that cyclist need to know and follow the rules of the road if they are to be treated fairly. Holding up traffic legally by taking your lane is one thing but blowing through stop signs and flying by pedestrians is another which will only gain us unfavorable attention. I am as guilty as anyone but I'm trying to change. Anyhow, here is a video to check out, after all, knowing is half the battle.

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