Thursday, August 28, 2008

Um, I Find The Articles Really Informative

Everyone likes bike porn, to see pics of bikes both beautiful and not so beautiful. Cyclist have a fascination with other peoples rides whether the type of bike or style of it relates to their own interest or not. It's fun to pick out things here and there that we like or dislike, then combine them into something that is totally our own. Posting pictures is an easy task; the world is full of great bikes. Some days however, its not as easy to post useful and pertinent information. I hope that one day, if anyone ever actually mentions this page in passing, they tell whomever they are talking with that they visit for the articles, not just the lusty NJS flavor of the week or the latest carbon fiber fix. However, today will not be the day they say such.

Ride smart. Know the law by visiting here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Lugged Steel. Nice blog you've got here and nice to know there's a scene in my native South (I grew up in Nashville).

This rider in blue (barely) is without a doubt the scariest bike porn photo ever. Yikes!

Cheers from BC

beardsarefun said...

Ha, yeh, he's a little frightening for sure. Thanks for the compliments. Its always interesting to see how people from the south have scattered all over the planet. We need a Six Degrees of Alabama game to show the world the south is everywhere, good or bad. Thanks for the kind words. My name is also Victor, weird huh.