Sunday, September 14, 2008

37 Cyclists Held Over One Shoplifted Beer

I've shared a few news clips where police have singled out, discriminated against, or just plain harassed various people for the simple fact that they were cyclists. I try to take everything with a grain of salt because i realize how stories can often times be presented in a very biased manner to validate the authors point. Having experienced police ignorance towards cyclist first hand on multiple occasions, i tend to automatically take the side of the cyclist. Soooo, take what you will from this stuff.

"The manager of the CVS believed that one of the cyclists shoplifted some beer and dialed 911. Because the manager could provide no description of the alleged beer thief, 14 LAPD squad cars were summoned and 37 cyclists were detained and searched until the cops found one person who had a beer without a receipt."

14 squad cars and 37 people searched for $5 of allegedly shoplifted beer from LAPD illegallysearches on Vimeo.


Corey said...

2 good friends of mine where on this ride. I reported it as well. It is completely Lame, however my friend mentioned that some jack ass in the group said "well, there's 37 of us so you'll never find out who did it" to one of the cops... hence the mass restrain. There were a number of illegal searches, which yielded 2 bags of weed, but even those guys were let go since it was an illegal search.

beardsarefun said...

Yeh, the whole situation was kinda f'd up. I wasnt there, but from what i gather, some of the cyclist got kinda smart which, of course, rarely results in positive reaction from the cops. STILL, the whole thing was obviously bullshit and an abuse of power just because they can. Im not anti-cop, but i am very cop-weary. Their job is stressful but they are here to lead by example, not "yeh im gonna abuse my power, what are ya gonna do about it!" which is how it goes down more and more. i at least get some sort of happiness that the guys with the weed were let go even though i dont smoke.