Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And I Thought We Had Some Characters

Ha, this reminds me of the post-ride hap's tonight. Fixed gears, tall bikes, soapy parking lots, beer, and skids. By the way, i also flatted and had to walk home after everyone left. It was awesome; damn tubulars! Anyhow, see more of this crazy no-hands guy here.

On a side note, thanks to everyone for showing up tonight. I had fun and hope everyone else did too. Maybe next time we won't take the two-lanes all the way out to the sticks. Hills are good for you; keeps you honest. I suggest next tuesday, we do a night time sprint to the river or show some of these new guys the Marathon route...and for tyler and leela, maybe we can hit up the southside bandito for a change. less hills but more distance, same beer. sounds fair right?

Also, camping on Monte Sano for the mtn bike festival saturday night. we really wont get to mtn bike until sunday morning so whoever just wants to camp, let me know so i can save you a spot. Its going to be a blast. We may try to do a fixie night ride on the family trails;yes its a bad idea but you know you want to! Anyhow, let me know so i know how many sites to reserve or even if you just wanna come up and hang out, its kool and the gang.



clintpatty said...

I had fun with the ride and festivities, too. I thought it was going to be more of a hammerfest, and I was happy with the pace instead of that. So I hope next time isn't a sprint to the river if I am able to attend. I had to get that hammerfest expectation out of me on the Winchester hill, though.

That sucks about the flat; will you be riding the HED on family trail? If I had more notice I would get my 26x1 3/8 wheelset and stuff some 1.5s on there even though you're not supposed to and join yall.

beardsarefun said...

Yeh, I thought the pace was good and I think Winchester took us all down a peg or three. I also like the group that shows up...a decent group of guys. Even if we have a sprint, theres going to be fast guys and slow guys - its all for fun and nobody gets left behind.

clintpatty said...

Aight cool as long as we drop no one. While we're down there, we should consider climbing Hickory Hill and bombing down Esslinger. I topped 40 on the hybrid riding the brakes, so we'll easily hit 200+rpm. Where are the pics from last night?

beardsarefun said...

I got some pics from Mark that I will post tonight. If anyone else has any, please email them to me. The best ones are from the 'Wash since its so hard to bomb down hills in the dark with a camera in hand. Glad you came and had fun.