Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End Of Summer Ride

Last night was a fun impromptu ride with a few of us who haven't hung out in a while. Ha, it was definitely an eclectic mix of fools, some with their normal bikes in the shop and on borrowed wheels, but a fun and crazy night nonetheless. It was a perfect, end-of-summer night, borderline cool til we got moving. Post-ride beers at Bandito Burrito and a little unplanned off-roading on the way back downtown kept it interesting. I think it may have even been a full moon. I meant to take more pics (God forbid I actually have some of everyone riding right?) but sometimes enjoying the moment is more important than capturing it.

And A random shot from the summer Music In The Park series


Tyler said...

who is that guy with his face hidden

beardsarefun said...

he's not really a guy, he's a cycling enigma, like a summer breeze, cool for a moment then its gone forever.