Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Like A Cannondale Lefty, Except Cool

The past week has been extremely stressful in several ways. There were moments when nothing seemed like it would ever be normal again and the world was suddenly too big to handle. Then there are nights when you get back to the basics and remember how simple things can make a big difference. Be it encouraging words from a stranger or a spirited night ride with new (and old) friends, sometimes one night can make a difference in your outlook on things. Not saying everything is easy sailing here on out, but tonight was a refreshing break. Thanks to everyone. So, what better way to end a good night than with pics of a cool bike right? Also, I will try and have pics from tonight up tomorrow.Thanks.

Also, there will be a memorial for Sarah Chapman this thursday at the chapel on UAH's campus. Davis, Sarah's boyfriend, asks that anyone who can make it, please do so and bike if possible. He said, "I feel that this is what Sarah would have wanted."

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Marshmallow said...

The service starts at 6:30