Monday, September 15, 2008

Portland Band Does Left Coast Tour On Bike

Blind Pilot is making a lot of noise in the music scene these days. The band, headed by Israel Nebeker (guitar/vocals) and Ryan Dobrowski (drums), has been heralded by the press (”I’m smitten” wrote a reviewer at the Willamette Week) and they nabbed an iTunes “Song of the Week” nod last month.

But beyond their likable tunes, Blind Pilot is getting noticed for what NPR referred to as their “environmentally conscious touring style.” Currently, the band is on a West Coast tour and they’re completing the whole trip — and carrying all their gear by bike.

Nebeker and Dobrowski are joined by two other band members and all four of them began their adventure on August 16th in Bellingham, Washington and hope to reach their final destination of San Diego, California by October.

They played a show at The Doug Fir on E. Burnside at the end of August and right now they’re somewhere south of Coos Bay on the Oregon Coast.

“You see so much more of the country side, and meet so many more people, and experience everywhere more fully then when you’re just in a car.”

Blind Pilot isn’t the only band who is going by bike these days. The Ditty Bops did a bike tour a few years back (although I think they had some support) and a band headed by Xtracycle found Kipchoge Spencer, The Ginger Ninjas, took it one step further by not only touring 100% by bike but then using their bikes to generate electricity for their shows!

Check out their BLOG here.


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