Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SRAM Torpedo

The SRAM Torpedo is the first production hub that switches from fixed to freewheel. Just a few turns of a screwdriver swaps it from one mode to another. Hubs like this have been on plenty of wish lists over the years for a multitude of uses. One could ride fixed for most of a long tour and cut to freewheel for the mountain downhill stretches. Or just have one bike with the choice between the two, all without flipping the wheel over. This conversion comes with a penalty – 480g worth for the internal guts needed for a hub like this. Only time will tell if the mechanisms that make the switcheroo possible has any backlash with backpressure or can handle the skidding that is so common with many fixed riders. The real question is if we will see this hub for sale in the North American market. We’ll keep you posted.



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beardsarefun said...

Since Sram is based in Chicago, we better see it offered in North America. Even if they don't, who cares, buy a flip-flop hub and save some cheddar. For real though, its a cool idea but i don't see a point to complicate something that is supposed to be simple and pure for those who can't make up their mind. Not hating the hub at all, but maybe people who can't make a choice and stick with it.