Friday, September 12, 2008

This Guy Is Nuts; Bike With A Gat

GREELEY, Colo. --Greeley Tribune; "A cyclist who rode through Greeley with a loaded semiautomatic rifle hanging from his handlebars remained behind bars Thursday after a water crew accused him of threatening them, Greeley police said. Gilberto Arellano, 54, is in Weld County Jail on $5,000 bond. He was taken into custody after a member of the Greeley Water Division called police Wednesday afternoon to say that there was a man with a gun at Seventh Street and 12th Avenue.
The city worker told police that the man approached the crew, who were working on the water lines in the area. The suspect said one of the men on the water crew had insulted him the day before and pointed to a long gun case hanging from the handlebars of his bicycle, the caller said.
The suspect said he had a "machine gun" in the case and he would use it, police said. Officers arrived minutes later and detained Arellano. They opened the case and discovered a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle with five loaded magazines and 128 rounds of ammunition, police said. The AR-15 is the civilian verision of the fully automatic M16 used by the military. Arellano is being held for investigation of felony menacing. He later told police he was angry because one of the city workers called him a "queer," according to the Greeley Tribune."

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