Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brothers In Arms; Good Job!

Our homies in Bham had a pretty good turn out for their Connect Four Alleycat. H'vegas needs to step it up now. We have a good group of regulars and a bunch of lurkers that need the motivation to come out of the closet, put on their sisters jeans, and race Suzy race! You know who you are. jk. From what I get, Brocycle did the video (awesome work) and Bhamfix posted it and now, for total market saturation, I am paying it forward to share the love. We had races all the time before, whats happened? Who am i kidding, we know what happened; too many mediocre races on top of one another with Joe First Fixie planning them...a lot of work with poor turn out. Its been a while though and I think we all want another killer ride before it gets too cold. It's going to happen! Stay Tuned.

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