Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Damn, This Is A Busy Weekend!

To the north ---->

and to the south ----> the Birmingham Downtown Hoe Down. Hoe's not included I suspect. Check my "Make The Drive" post for more info.

Also, there has been a small group riding Thursdays in Flo-town. I don't really have more info about it so this part is pretty much worthless.

and thirdly, or is it fourthly, i was approached today about organizing another alleycat for Huntsville in which there may actually be financial backing ie:stuff to make it worth the drive.

annnnnnnd the Tuesday Night ride will be back next week 7pm.


Jarrod said...

We'll have a good time. You bringing any polo paraphernalia?

Mark Durling said...

I'm excited I cant wait to come down and ride in birmingham

beardsarefun said...

yeh we're gonna bring some polo gear. i will get up with you closer to sunday. i'll email you tomorrow. looks like good weather!

Dustin said...

Mark call me sometime this week so we can figure out who is driving down there this weekend.