Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make The Drive!

This is next weekend so make plans now. If kids from Atlanta can make the drive so can you! Remember, you've got to be a friend to have a friend : )


Jarrod said...

We're all nice for the most part.
Rad of you to post this Victor.

marshmallow said...

I wish i would have known a little earlier. You going vic?

beardsarefun said...

actually, me and Brandon are going to t-town for Halloween and a game but may meet Dustin there at 3.

Thanks Jarrod, radiosity is important to us

Jarrod said...

I don't know what Radiosity is but it means the world to us too!

I hope a couple of you dudes can make it and I want to get up there and cruise w/ you "all" soon. Thanks again vic!

beardsarefun said...

radiosity: made up word meaning being of rad'ness jk

i think there are at least four of us coming up, er, down. will you email me directions to the spot.

Tyler said...

It's the cobble stone road where we saw Alkaline Trio