Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Stuff

Here are some new knickers from Dakine although I can't confirm they are in fact technically knicker length. Feature cycling specific lower lumbar stretch panel, crotch gusset (gotta love those crotch gussets), moisture wicking mesh liner, and inner leg vents. The 8 Track on the left goes for $90 and the Chorus goes for $75.

And Underground Products (UGP) has a new T-shirt out there. $20 (picture borrowed from


Tyler said...

nice I want one

beardsarefun said...

i have the shirt on the way for me in white. lemme know and i'll get you one. rust and purple are the other colors.

we're looking into getting the knickers in the shop since we are already a dakine dealer. i have some of their other mtn bike gear and like it pretty well. its theres something in particular you like, i'll get a few in.

tuesday night ride?