Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whats Wrong With People?

What's worst than someone taking a beautiful classic road bike like a Colnago or Pinarello and making a conversion out of it? Maybe someone taking an already heinous modern road bike, throwing a lot of money at it, and still half-assing it. The thing I want to know is what he did to fit that rear wheel in it since there is an obvious 10mm spacing discrepancy. I like how he spent the money to get a nice set of wheels to turn a bike into something it was never meant to be. Why couldnt he at least use a wheelset with an ENO hub so you may have a chance at gearing options? And he states that he's a mechanical engineer. We live in a town full of engineers and guess how many of then should ever get near their bike with a wrench.

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Tyler said...


marshmallow said...

gotta hate modern conversions. If you want a bike that looks stupid like that, just get a leader frame off ebay

beardsarefun said...

its just the sum of the parts that bother me. you could have sold the felt frame and bought a steel track frame if thats what youre into. The bars in particular anger me. I like the Alliante but suspect that it's a cheapo OEM model since his other component selections contradict making such a solid, tasteful purchase.