Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American Psyclo

Here we have President-elect Barack Obama pulling a trailer on his Trek hybrid (which is too small for him, and the rear tire appears low, and he's cross-chainringing, and his front reflector is missing, and...jk)

And the lovely Clintons on their old Specialized (though I know for a fact Bill also had a titanium Merlin). Maybe hilary could raise that stem up a few more yards and tilt that helmet back a little more so its totally useless.

John Kerry on his custom Serotta (the obvious winner if we voted on best taste in bikes...which really does speak volumes) He's sporting italian shoes, french wheels, japanese components, and an american frame. however, cotton shirt with bike shorts FTL.

John McCain on his track bike keepin it real. while we're being real, get rid of those wheels and colored chain.

And the W, strangely enough, also on a Trek. To be fair, I had another pic of him actually riding but I liked this one better because it was a newer model bike. His previous bike was also a trek fuel.

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Tyler said...

The picture of John McCain with a leg over the bars skid is by far the most amusing but Hill Dog does have a ridiculously tall stem