Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Diary

A group of us went down to Tuscaloosa for the Iron Bowl (Roll Tide!) this weekend. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. We hit up Sokol on the first day and rode every trail in the rain which made for interesting times.


Between three guys, a dog, six bikes (one inside the car), bags, wheels, and gear, it was a tight fit.


Brandon and Mark ran into Christina Aguillera at Egans


Crowded bars make it difficult to get a drink. I noticed everyone is double-fisting in every picture.


Gameday! ESPN just left of the shot. Auburn ass kicking behind the stadium walls


Sunday morning: It looks like someone left the stadium unlocked


And it managed to rain on us the last day as well.



christina said...

okay, so totally random comment from a totally random stranger. ran across your blog linked from FGG and saw what looked like a twin version of my husky. just thought i'd share, haha

...nice bikes, photos, and rad blog btw.

-christina from blacksburg, va

beardsarefun said...

Thanks, that's always great to hear. Ha, its funny how Husky owners always talk to other husky owners. Your dog does look similar. Maybe distant cousins? jk