Monday, November 24, 2008

Do Work Son! ...R&D work

H+Sons were the big deal this summer and now there are more and more guys who can't lace them up fast enough. That is, until they see this maybe. I don't want to burn a company that's trying to bring a cool product into the market place and accidents happen. I personally hope they thrive and bring us more dope products that aren't offered stateside. I also know that when it comes to bike part failures, the whole truth doesnt always come out; if you've spent any time around a busy shop, i'm sure you've heard some ridiculous JRA stories. These pictures are just too crazy not to share though. The story is that these wheels were less than a week old and the wheel exploded mid-skid. Just goes to show that deeper doesnt mean stronger. I had heard reports that the rims were really thin and this would lead me to think its true. One case can be a fluke so you guys go test 'em out for me and let me know; i'm gonna keep my veeps (and teeth) for now. More pics at Ganring's flickr

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