Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Few Pics From Bham Hoe Down

Mark at Upsidedown Plaza

Angry Dancing Soda Can & Pop Whores

Stoned Cobra/ Gainer playing at the Plaza

Following morning. How can I feel so shitty on such a beautiful day?

Todd lightin' one up

Quickstop comp

U-Lock pick up




Jarrod said...

strange seeing someone else riding my bike.

Todd said...

strange seeing me on another bike...

beardsarefun said...

ha, ya see what he did there every body? see, see, what happened was Jarrod said that originally then Todd, and this is the clever part, went and repeated it. OMG, so funny.

Jarrod said...

What'd you guys think about the quick-stop comp?
Fun, Stupid, too tricky?

Mark Durling said...

I still cant get over dustin snatching that ulock at full speed!

Quick-stop comp? I'd be down