Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fяoм яцssiʌ шitн <3

And yes, that is Chernobyl in the background.

This dude does some amazing work. Too bad every single design he has, Americans did it first. Feel free to chest-bump the closest person at will. The work is still clean and very creative. Check it out.


marshmallow said...

pretty bamf

beardsarefun said...

um yeh, whatever that means, ha. thanks? oh wait, you mean Bad Arse Mutha F'er. its kinda a grassroots Surly Pugsly minus the reversible wheels. It needs a mount for a Kalashnikoff and then it would be the bees knees.

Matty said...

I saw this guy's work on the bikeforums bike pr0n thread. He is amazing. I have always liked the Pugsley and this one-off is badd A. I also liked the concept-style cutout in the seat tube of one of those frames. The understated paint jobs are nice. Kalashnikoff? Guess I got a new googular..