Thursday, November 27, 2008

Smile On Your Brother

I dont want to come across as just showing the flaws of our little slice of heaven here in the 256. I prefer to be fair and unbiased even though some days it is way harder than others. I recently posted something asking what the hell is Huntsville doing to make this life-forsaken city safer for cyclists? Well, and please excuse this ridiculously horrible report, I am pleased to say that yet another step has been taken. I have been a little laxidasical in keeping up with things lately but It is my understanding that we are getting a butt-load of share-the-road signs and reflective sharrows painted on the roads. I left my notes at work so it may be +/- 5% of a butt-load but you get the point. I was hoping for an elevated hamster-tube like bike lane system but I dont think that has been approved yet. I would love a law which treated people who chronically drive and talk on their cell phones to be treated like repeat DUI offenders and repat DUI offenders to be fucking shot. So there, some positive things.


Matty said...

I recognize Von Braun, Space and rocket Center and the Venerable John Deere but what is that last photo on the bottom right? The mall or some shit? Sorry about my lack of Huntsville knowledge.

beardsarefun said...

wow, you did pretty good. the botom right is actually the carpet next to the habitrail. ha, its the parking deck from the airport. i doubt most huntsville people would have got that one so its okay.