Monday, November 24, 2008

Spokes-N-Speakeasy Supreme

What's better than a super hip Tokyo speakeasy full of hot hipsters? How about one full of keirin track bikes from the country that started it all! Add to that a limited run of handmade track frames and try to keep me out! I'm so excited, this may be the first time I wet myself BEFORE I start drinking! I've been looking for a good reason to go back to Japan...

"Ways And Means are proud to present the opening of The KINFOLK Lounge Bar in Nakameguro, Tokyo, JAPAN. Three Ways and Means alumni are behind this new 21st Century speakeasy ~ Maceo Eagle from New York City, Ryan Carney from Los Angeles, and John Beullens from Sydney.

Fresh Fruit Cocktails, Killer Martinis, Lamborghini Margaritas, Ginger Mint Mohitos and True Old Fashioned are all delicious alcoholic concoctions available on the KINFOLK menu.

Ways and Means will also be launching the first two in series of an edition of 100 Kinfolk Keirin track bicycles to coincide with the opening of the KINFOLK Lounge. These bikes are hand built in Japan and painted in Brooklyn New York. They will be available for sale by order in the KINFOLK Lounge and in select shops in New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney Australia."

"Ways and Means presents The Kinfolk Lounge. A safehouse for the new internationalist. Join us for Spirits and Spokes. Players only."


salah said...

Hey man, we have a strict "no peeing your pants until AFTER your first drink" rule. C'mon out. If you can hold your water, the first drink is on the house...

I like your blog....adding to the kinfolk blogroll, if you don't mind.

beardsarefun said...

Damn, whats with all these rules! ha. Thats awesome. Thanks for the offer and thanks for the add.