Friday, November 21, 2008

Reynolds double butted tubing (keepin' it American baby!), modified triple triangle design with lengthened seat tube and 20mm headtube extension, 73 degree seat tube, 73.5 degree headtube, 53.5cm toptube. Lugged (Long Shen) threadless straight leg fork with 6mm overbuilt dropouts and 40mm offset. Silver brazed fork crown and seatstay/seat tube joint; brass fillet brazing and dropouts.

Thanks to my buddy Jimmy James for the awesome photos.

After all the shots were taken and eighteen or twenty beers were consumed, things got a little crazy. Fear of pulic scrutiny will only allow me to show the one following shot. No animals were harmed in the making of these photos.


marshmallow said...

looks pretty awesome. You still plan on getting a frame jig with your christmas bonus?

beardsarefun said...

Thanks man. Where have you been? The time line for building again is still looking like january. I have a couple bikes i'm about to get rid of, and possibly a car or two. Its hard to justify getting a myself something so big around the holidays but i am also super eager to get back to work.

marshmallow said...

School and working. Have you guys been doing tuesday rides?