Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alleycat Race To Support The Less Fortunate

Listen up, Nashville is having another race. We made it down to Bham once already so maybe a few others can make it up to Music City to support them.

"...there is going to be an Alleycat Race on the afternoon of Saturday December 13th. The race will involve riding to certain grocery stores and buying specified items. Racers should bring $10 to purchase groceries. At the end of the race your route will be verified by your reciepts. There will be an afterparty to follow. Details will be posted as they are worked out."

I will follow up when I know more.

Also... New Years Eve is coming up soon. A group may be going over to Atlanta for some of the festivities and some cycling shenanigans. If you're down holla back.


Brian said...

Thanks for throwing out a word for us. I came across your post and figured I'd fill in the details.

What: Music City Crankmas

When: December 13th at 2PM

Where: Centennial Park - The southeast entrance area.

Bring a lock, bag and ten dollars. The ten dollars will be used during the race to collect food from grocery store checkpoints. These items will be donated to the Nashville Rescue Mission benefitting the homeless community of nashville.

And of course, the after party is to celebrate the race and opening of a new neighborhood bike shop specializing in used bikes with a vintage feel. Mechanic owned shop.

Thanks again!

beardsarefun said...

Wow, thanks man, thats awesome. We're definitely going to come up there sometime soon. This is just a busy time with work and holiday stuff. I have some buds in E-Nash I need to shout at anyhow. There are a few guys I am hoping will go up there w/o me so ya never know. Thanks for the info and I hope it all goes well.

clintpatty said...

dec 13 is marathon day here

marshmallow said...

I'll probably be able to make it, but i might need to borrow a bike with a brake on it since i hardly know anything about nashville except the broadway area.

clintpatty said...

I have a Soma Rush I won't be riding that day with an unfashionable uncut steerer tube. 55cm w/ 90mm stem. Sweet front brake. 39x16 or 56x16 gearing.

beardsarefun said...

Soma Rush,psssssh gay >: )

Tyler said...

hmm soma rush gay...... Does that make you twice as gay


Hell I am riding a bitch sized pista with a pink tire

beardsarefun said...

its not the tire. what makes your bike gay is the fact that there's no seat on your post.