Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snow Drifts And Hipsters Gifts, Fa La La La La

Most of us who ride tend to lust for all things bike. I'm pretty sure that anytime someone wants to get me something for Christmas, birthdays, whatever, their first thoughts shift towards bike stuff. For the record, ya can never go wrong with bike stuff. My question is this: What bike stuff do you want for Christmas this year? Maybe if you let me know, I can tell Santa and who knows... For some of you, it may be harder and harder for your loved ones to find things you dont have, that fit into their budgets, or stuff that nobody else has. So what shiny little trinkets do you want? Pictured below is a nice little bobble for the messenger who has everything. Messengers in Alabama, ha.


Jarrod said...

well let's see.
custom frame from Uncle Vic.
Cinelli MASH frame (53)
Phil BB
perhaps some white ind cranks or FSA's at 165?
Thompson on the seat post and short stem
King headset
H+Son laced onto a Chub hub back
HED3 like Uncle Vics on front
Fizik Arione CX Carbon saddle
Nitto black drops for speed
Thompson risers for funsies
MKS GR-9 black
SAG double-straps
metal cages that I'll get reinforced and powdered black
couple gatorskins
15 & 17 cogs like euro-asia or whatever
sugino messenger 43 chainring
1/8" chain black...
That ought to do it...

Jarrod said...

you said LITTLE trinket didn't you...

anthony said...

is there a ride this coming tuesday?

Mark Durling said...

Yes we are planning on riding if it does not rain. It looks like it may but we will play it by ear.

As far as trinkets, i am in the market for a new NJS frame and may have a couple bikes i'm unloading very shortly

beardsarefun said...

i've gotta bail on the ride tomorrow, sorry. maybe thursday? i have too many errands to run after work that absolutely have to get done...gotta get kiddies their bikes for Christmas.

For anyone interested, I've got a pretty sweet 53cm Soma fer' sale. email me if interested in the details.