Monday, January 12, 2009

The 80's Ruled For So Many Wrong Reasons

"For those less familiar, Hutch teamed up with downhill BMX racer Dan Hanebrink in the late eighties and decided to take a tangent from their legendary line of BMX trick bikes such as the Trick Star and Wind Styler. They developed three bikes which pushed bicycle aerodynamics and speed to a whole new level. The GPV (Gravity Powered Vehicle) was a super-stretched, pedal-free bike almost fully enveloped in fiberglass fairings. These downhill-race-only bikes were rumoured to approach 100MPH and were not made publicly available. Instead, the HPV was released in incredibly small quantities to mimic the speed of the GPV on a bit more user-friendly of a platform. The littlest brother, the FZ-1, was no more than a BMX bike with a shoddy fairing, and never went over well with buyers.

The HPV was an experiment of sorts, and besides its outlandish appearance, has a MASSIVE 63 or 64-tooth front sprocket running to a 6-speed rear cassette, which through word of mouth (and the internet nowadays) is said to make this bike blindingly fast! A stretched rear, wheel covers and (at the time) top quality brakes, shifter, and deraileur made this one-of-a-kind cycle likely scary to pilot downhill at well over 40-50mph." Anyone remember Shimano parking lot racing?

As seen over at BMX Museum


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...


beardsarefun said...

how bad do you want a bunch of these to have local races? maybe some super-motard even!

Tyler said...

Oh shit bike night at Hooters here I come!!!

beardsarefun said...

you should roll up on this know, have something with a little more power than last time we went there jk