Monday, January 26, 2009

The AC Slater Of Wheels

I'm always surprised how you can gain clarity from the strangest situations. I was sitting here watching an old episode of Pacific Blue when I remembered two things. One, Mario Lopez was on that show (riding on his fame from Saved By the Bell), and two, how ridiculous it was that they rode Rev-Rox. Of course A.C. Slater died out for a while as did Spinergy yet everything always seems to come full circle. Good thing my dad still has his old Members Only jackets. Fast forward a dozen years where Spinergy's are inexplicably popular again and Mario Lopez seems to host about every other show on TV.

And of course I was just as guilty as everyone else back then with my rev'd out super-v complete with blue-anodized parts:


Mark Durling said...

that video is fantastic ! haha and yes you should have been in that video with those spinergys haha Amazing!

beardsarefun said...

I'd be afraid my Hammer pants would get caught in the chain. i like how the criminals ride Foes downhill bikes and everyone feels the need to drift every turn.

incognito said...

They all have trials skills too but hey, that comes natural in a high speed chase.