Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Man, I Spilled My Venti On My Fendy

Front Rack Coffe Cup Holder: This looks like another one of those "Great In Theory" ideas. Its a beautiful and well executed idea but having ridden my bike with coffee more times than I can recall, I've rarely made it to point B without some fair spillage. I still kinda want it though - maybe with a softly sprung suspension fork? Something on the edges to secure some bungee cords would have made it more versatile; maybe a sweet stainless rail around the edges?


marshmallow said...

It holds 4 cups? maybe its intended for delivery, or for people that are just really generous and buy people coffee often. Maybe even the intern that everyone makes their bitch. Who knows. Velo orange has a nice solution that goes on your handlebar. At least with this one you can have an excuse to get some sweet matching wooden fenders

beardsarefun said...

I think the item youre talking about from VO is also made by Soma, or rather, made in taiwan and rebranded for a few other companies. Either way it would probably work better than this.