Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So What's Hour Lance Been Up To These Days?

Interesting news over at VeloNews

"Lance Armstrong may have his eye on yet another record: the hour.

Armstrong made a visit to the ADT Event Center velodrome Sunday to conduct tests on two different bikes. He was accompanied by Johan Bruyneel, Steve Hed, Chris Carmichael, a video crew with boom mike and a still photographer, among others.

He made a half-dozen runs of roughly ten laps each, first on a nearly stock Trek F1 track bike equipped with 28-spoke wheels, drop bars and, of course, an SRM power meter.

Then he switched to an aero bar-equipped Trek TTX time trial bike with Hed-designed Aeolus 6.5 deep-section wheels and SRM, and traded his Giro Ionos helmet for an Advantage aero helmet.

Armstrong’s early lap times on the 250-meter track were in the sub-19-second range, good for better than 29 mph. He looked relaxed and smooth. When he switched to the TTX time trial machine he quickly shaved a second off his lap times — with no appreciable increase in effort — bringing his time to 17.7 seconds per lap, and a speed of 31.6 mph.

After each of the brief sessions, Armstrong would consult with his advisers before heading back out. His times were recorded and called out to him as he passed.

Given that he tried not one, but two different bikes, Armstrong may have set his sights on both Ondrej Sosenka’s old-tech hour record of 49.7 km as well as Chris Boardman’s 56.375km “Best Hour Performance.”

Last week, Armstrong recently posted a photo of the SRM-equipped Trek track bike on his Twitter account. The photo was captioned, "Why not?" But Armstrong did not respond to his many Twitter followers' speculation about a possible hour record attempt."


clintpatty said...

who is running paired spoke fixed in that first picture?


incognito said...

Isn't it a Trek T1? I've wanted one of those for a long time.

beardsarefun said...

the first pic was taken by lance and it's his SRM equipped off-the-rack-Trek T1. It uses Bontrager's trademark paired-spoke system which has been a pretty successful wheelset though not necessarily on the track.

They rode the two bikes back to back with SRM's to compare numbers though, if you notice, the TTX is geared. I'm guessing that they ran it in an equivalent gear as the T1. It would be awesome if they made a production TTX track with horizontals, steeper geometry, and a higher bb. I'd like to see the T1 numbers if they ran it with the Aeolus (which is available in a track version!) and an aero helmet.

and i agree, the T1 is a sweet bike and i have toyed with owning one on more than one occasion.