Tuesday, February 17, 2009

USA Do'in It Right

8:48am - pouring rain, originally uploaded by limegreeney.

This years Tour of California is the most star-filled race we've ever had in the US and all the big-guns have come out swinging. It is more and more evident that many of you don't come from what some would consider a traditional cycling background (cough, brandon) which, who cares, you ride now. The point is, you oughta' check it out because pro cycling is both addictive and amazing. These men are the pinnacle of human performance and suffering. If you live in the 'ville, check it out on Versus (Comcast ch76) at 10pm (for the rerun).


Anonymous said...

watch live for free

beardsarefun said...

awesome. watching it now. thanx for the link.