Monday, March 23, 2009

This Wagon's Gettin Full

further evidence that FGFS is the antichrist of cycling - one more formerly great but now souless company jumping on the fixed gear bandwagon. mullet and tribal tattoo not included.

P.O.T.D. #1345

Get Off The Couch

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Save The Date Mofo

The summer always means good times and this year is no exception. We have a group organizing trips for a couple note-worthy events coming up so if you're interested in joining the festivities, hit us up. You must be 21 and down-to-clown with some stupid shit.

First up, we have the New Belgium Brewery Urban Assault Tour coming to Nashville Sunday May 3rd. Follow the link for more details.

Later in the summer, we are heading over to A-town for the Velocity Tour on Sunday July 12th. We already have details worked out with some ATL riders that are going to show us around and give us a place to crash. Space is limited so let us know if youre interested ASAP.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Warning: Shenanigans Galore

Thanx to everyone who rode last week. I had a great time. to those who couldn't make it, come on out tomorrow. we had some new guys last week and i know most of them will be back tomorrow in addition to some of our OG friends. as usual, this is a social ride with an emphasis on having fun and meeting like-minded friends. We try to base the rides on the groups abilities but this certainly won't qualify as one of your training rides for the week. post-ride haps will probably go down at voo-doo lounge, big suprise, and then you're on your own, ha.

Hurry, Before The For Rolls In, Tell Me, That Do You Like?

The Trek demo this past weekend was a big success. Things were up in the air the night before with heavy rain and cold temps. The day of the demo started out wet and foggy. Very foggy. Despite low visibility, it was almost 60 degrees and turn out was amazing. It was actually pretty fun and I think everyone who attended was pleased. We insisted that nobody ride the trails due to the previous nights downpour and everyone was very respectful of out requests even with the temptation of some very sweet mtn bikes in their hands. I was pleasantly suprised with the number of people that showed up to ride road bikes and with Madone 5.5's and 6.9's on hand, I'm sure they weren't disappointed. Our location was perfect and allowed for quick 40mph descents, good out-of-the-saddle climbs, and nice long flats to put the bikes through their paces. For those who couldn't make it, we will have an even bigger event in May with two trailers for twice the fun - one of them with nothing but women specific rides.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

This sunday, March 15th Noon to 3pm, there will be a trailer full of shiny Treks and Gary Fishers for the ridin'. Trek and Bicycles Etc will be having a Factory Demo where you can test ride the latest and greatest. On hand will be a wide range of dual suspension mountain bikes such as Fisher's new Roscoe and HiFi's, Trek's versatile EX series, 69er, Topfuel, and the long-travel Remedy. Also on hand will be the Tour of California winning Trek Madone. The weather is expected to be a nice 60 degrees with scattered rain. We will be there rain or shine.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Death By Tarck

The Final Sign Of The Apocalypse

It is rumored that MTV is producing a show on Bike Messengers/Alley Cat Racers. If it's anything like Double Rush from the 90's, we're all in for a major let down which may be a good thing. Unfortunately, MTV editors can cut footage of a cat sleeping and make it appear super edgey and extreme so I doubt that's going to be the case.

Excerpts from an email that is going around:

We are casting for a television documentary series about bicycle messengers. It's for a popular youth oriented cable network (we cannot disclose this information at this time, but PROMISE you know the network).

We are searching for the fastest, smartest, coolest, and funniest bicycle messengers in NYC (but other cities are welcome as well) who are 25 years old or younger. We're looking for ALL types of messengers, but especially those who are deep into messenger culture. This is a paid gig if you're chosen. Hell, it's paid even if you're not chosen — we're giving $25 in cash if you come down and do a 15 minute interview on either Friday, March 13th or Saturday, March 14th in Xxxxx Sq. Park.

If you are from outside NYC we will arrange transportation for you.

So, if you are a bike messenger (who is 25 years old or younger and can prove it) and are interested in being involved in this project please send us a picture of yourself and a phone number and we'll schedule a time for you to do a quick and fun interview.

Also, please pass this email on to anyone who you believe would be great for the project!!!!

Compensation: $25 for a 15 minute interview. More to come if you are selected for the project.


Cxxxxxxy Sxxxxs

The one MTV messenger I will ever accept:


Lazy Sunday

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Battle Bike!

It's probably not going to go down quite like the video but it'll still be rad. Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle plans to help kick off National Bike Month proper-like by leading a bike ride from downtown on Saturday May 2nd.

H' Times writer JOHN PECK ran a good blurb a few weeks ago about what's going on.

"Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle hopes Huntsville will make strides by erecting bike route signs, incorporating wider shoulders and dedicated bike lanes in future road planning, expanding greenways, and ramping up public service ads on rules of the road..."

"I think it's an important thing for our community with the efforts to bring more active, young professionals into the work force. Will we have all these bike paths tomorrow? No. Will we in five to 10 years? Yes. It's a continuous process, and we're starting to see some progress."

"...this is a good time to develop a plan while there's not much money to cover major improvements."

"James Moore, a city planner in charge of city bike route and greenway planning, said a major emphasis will be educating drivers and cyclists about their rights on the road. Moore is completing an update to a map of the city's 158 miles of bike paths and greenways for mass distribution by May."

"That's National Bike Month, and a kickoff is planned May 2 with Battle leading the ride. Organizers say Battle's involvement will bring visibility to the cause."

"Moore said the city is investigating whether the economic-stimulus package includes money for bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The city already has taken some small, bike-friendly steps by outfitting city buses with bicycle racks and earmarking more than $5,000 in its street sign budget for "share the road" bicycle signs."

**bicycle ninja fighting not encouraged during official ride.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tuesday Night!

Come join us for a fun tuesday night ride. The weather is supposed to be perfect, there's already a bunch of us going, and this will be a good time to get those winter-legs back in shape. We encourage everyone to come hang out, ride, drink a few beers, and meet some new friends. This is primarily a fixed-gear ride but we certainly engourage all to join us - the more the merrier

I Just Need Some Space, That's All

"Cyclists here already face enough obstacles," said New York City Councilman David Yassky. "Law enforcement shouldn't be one of them."

Here is an excellent video sent in by Nolan. It really makes you wonder about how our laws work and are enforced. What do you do when the police don't know the laws they are supposed to be enforcing? Where do you go when they refuse to take action against proven violators? I have had similar experiences in town where the local police couldn't be more wrong and told me to do things contradictory to the law. Driving on the streets is a privilege, not a right. Many motorist are so disconnected with the world outside of their windows and have no idea what it's like to be buzzed by their own vehicles. Cyclists pay taxes, have families, contribute to society, and yet are treated like second class citizens. You say we don't belong on the roads - you're wrong. How did we get to a point where motorists feel so entitled?

"We need to educate the public to go around cyclists, way around-- change lanes all together, but 3-5 feet minimum. Please pass this on & help save a life. Skimming by cyclists is deadly and illegal.

Last Friday, a well known cycling advocate and frame builder was killed in Chattanooga when a truck's bumper just caught his bike bag -- truck driver said he never noticed until he saw the dead body in the road. Then it's too late.

Cyclists do have a right to the lane & even if this angers you, killing them is the wrong answer. Cyclists don't and can't always keep a straight line, please don't expect them to. Don't honk, don't skim-- just go around and let them live.

No, not every cyclists obeys every law, but neither do drivers. We all should.

Let's watch out for each other. Neither person benefits from killing or hurting a cyclist-- both lives are messed up (families, friends, vehicles, insurance, families, the court system...)

Please give a wide berth when you go around and pass safely. Please."

Friday, March 6, 2009

When It's Wet, Pull Out The Wood

I met this dude last weekend. He was showing some hand made wooden fenders. There are some companies out there that make really sweet hand made wood fenders but the difference are these are concave versus flat. I think the flat ones look great and all but I have to agree with my new friend's design that the concave design is more effective in the slop. The fenders are made to order, look great, and come with all the hardware you need to mount them for around a buck fifty a pair. Drop him a line at for more info.

Bootleg Sessons V3

I saw the sneak preview to Bootleg Sessions V3 last weekend and was so impressed. I have contacted a few friends trying to find the preview we saw but to no avail so far. All i can say is you will want to see this! It's so sick. Until then, I would suggest checking their blog

also, thanx to everyone who showed up and rode tonight - it was a lot of fun despite the mechanicals. in addition to everyone else, i flatted a mile from home. it happens. until next week...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hulk Getting Angry

why? two race specific frames turned into...this.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goodnight Indy, We Out!

A few of us made the journey to NAHBS in Indianapolis this weekend. Whew. I'm still recovering. It was an unbelievable trip and i'm still having flashbacks of the ridiculousness that went down.

The show...where do you begin. When we walked in, I had to calm myself before I could do anything else. It was the who's who of custom fabrication with everyone pulling out all the stops. It was seriously one "oh shit!" after the other with the most beautifully crafted bikes on the planet. What was amazing was how accessible and cool everyone was. I met a few old friends and made a ton of new ones. We hung out with the rockstars of the industry. Im still working on the photos from the show and a few of the after parties. There are almost 400 so it's taking a little while.

After the show we went to the MACAFRAMA premiere and then saw a sneak preview of Bootleg Sessions V3. All I can say is it is insane! Words can not do it justice. Definitely check it out once it's released. After the show, we got to hang with a few more builders, hit up a few parties, a few bars, a few more bars I had to be reminded of, and met some really great friends. Shit definitely got pretty bike-geek rockstar on us.

I'm trying to keep it brief since its late and my brain still isnt functioning quite right but thank you Indianapolis, thank you Don Walker, thank you Tracko, thanks Broakland guys, thanks to the drunk-ass LA guys (ha), the great Chicago crew, the guy who didnt crash the car with the 8 of us in it and everyone i'm forgetting. Thank you for reminding me that there are still people out there who eat, sleep, and breathe bikes. More and more pics are up on our flickr already with more to come as I sort them.