Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Battle Bike!

It's probably not going to go down quite like the video but it'll still be rad. Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle plans to help kick off National Bike Month proper-like by leading a bike ride from downtown on Saturday May 2nd.

H' Times writer JOHN PECK ran a good blurb a few weeks ago about what's going on.

"Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle hopes Huntsville will make strides by erecting bike route signs, incorporating wider shoulders and dedicated bike lanes in future road planning, expanding greenways, and ramping up public service ads on rules of the road..."

"I think it's an important thing for our community with the efforts to bring more active, young professionals into the work force. Will we have all these bike paths tomorrow? No. Will we in five to 10 years? Yes. It's a continuous process, and we're starting to see some progress."

"...this is a good time to develop a plan while there's not much money to cover major improvements."

"James Moore, a city planner in charge of city bike route and greenway planning, said a major emphasis will be educating drivers and cyclists about their rights on the road. Moore is completing an update to a map of the city's 158 miles of bike paths and greenways for mass distribution by May."

"That's National Bike Month, and a kickoff is planned May 2 with Battle leading the ride. Organizers say Battle's involvement will bring visibility to the cause."

"Moore said the city is investigating whether the economic-stimulus package includes money for bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The city already has taken some small, bike-friendly steps by outfitting city buses with bicycle racks and earmarking more than $5,000 in its street sign budget for "share the road" bicycle signs."

**bicycle ninja fighting not encouraged during official ride.

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