Monday, March 16, 2009

Hurry, Before The For Rolls In, Tell Me, That Do You Like?

The Trek demo this past weekend was a big success. Things were up in the air the night before with heavy rain and cold temps. The day of the demo started out wet and foggy. Very foggy. Despite low visibility, it was almost 60 degrees and turn out was amazing. It was actually pretty fun and I think everyone who attended was pleased. We insisted that nobody ride the trails due to the previous nights downpour and everyone was very respectful of out requests even with the temptation of some very sweet mtn bikes in their hands. I was pleasantly suprised with the number of people that showed up to ride road bikes and with Madone 5.5's and 6.9's on hand, I'm sure they weren't disappointed. Our location was perfect and allowed for quick 40mph descents, good out-of-the-saddle climbs, and nice long flats to put the bikes through their paces. For those who couldn't make it, we will have an even bigger event in May with two trailers for twice the fun - one of them with nothing but women specific rides.

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