Monday, March 9, 2009

I Just Need Some Space, That's All

"Cyclists here already face enough obstacles," said New York City Councilman David Yassky. "Law enforcement shouldn't be one of them."

Here is an excellent video sent in by Nolan. It really makes you wonder about how our laws work and are enforced. What do you do when the police don't know the laws they are supposed to be enforcing? Where do you go when they refuse to take action against proven violators? I have had similar experiences in town where the local police couldn't be more wrong and told me to do things contradictory to the law. Driving on the streets is a privilege, not a right. Many motorist are so disconnected with the world outside of their windows and have no idea what it's like to be buzzed by their own vehicles. Cyclists pay taxes, have families, contribute to society, and yet are treated like second class citizens. You say we don't belong on the roads - you're wrong. How did we get to a point where motorists feel so entitled?

"We need to educate the public to go around cyclists, way around-- change lanes all together, but 3-5 feet minimum. Please pass this on & help save a life. Skimming by cyclists is deadly and illegal.

Last Friday, a well known cycling advocate and frame builder was killed in Chattanooga when a truck's bumper just caught his bike bag -- truck driver said he never noticed until he saw the dead body in the road. Then it's too late.

Cyclists do have a right to the lane & even if this angers you, killing them is the wrong answer. Cyclists don't and can't always keep a straight line, please don't expect them to. Don't honk, don't skim-- just go around and let them live.

No, not every cyclists obeys every law, but neither do drivers. We all should.

Let's watch out for each other. Neither person benefits from killing or hurting a cyclist-- both lives are messed up (families, friends, vehicles, insurance, families, the court system...)

Please give a wide berth when you go around and pass safely. Please."


alan b said...

thanks for this post. if you don't mind i would love to repost (with citation)on two blogs in birmingham. let me know.

beardsarefun said...

Go for it Alan. It was passed along to me and though I knew it'd be posted elsewhere, I thought it was too good not to spread as wide as possible.