Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny Roadkill

Today was a picture perfect day so a few of us got out for a fun Easter ride. Ridiculous headwinds, 70-degree temps, minor hangovers, a gang of killer 5-pound dogs, and a good group of guys somehow combined to make a fun day on the bike.

Giant Easter Egg

The Easter Egg car

Two Lane

Miles and miles of two-lane

one of the towns we roll through

Our view of the Castillo's for most of the ride


dogs in neon clover

Waiting For One More

waiting up for a few guys


Im not really sure what Corey is doing

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clintpatty said...

I thought those guys were doing a separate ride when I got there. Then I was like wtf are these Kestrel people doing, I was expecting some triples and lugged steel frames.