Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Uh Oh, Starfucker Look Out!


JSFixed said...

hey this is john from birmingham bike polo just a heads up were not playing this sunday because i might have to have surgery on my already broken wrist but not real sure were most def going to have it next week once everyone is done with finals and what not... alright man have a good day

beardsarefun said...

sorry man, this week we be racin' in nashville. maybe next time bro. save a spot for us on sunday June 7th for a special bike night here in Huntsville - i expect all of bham to join us - you have plenty of warning and we got you - just let us know who needs a place. i will follow up with details but think alley cat where you dont need to know the city plus secret events and lots of booze. spread the werdz