Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome To Trackistan

I apologize for that title. Lets have some crazy good fun this weekend, no? I want to ride this Sunday, maybe 10am'ish. We'll probably do a flat 40-mile ride at a medium pace.

At A Medium Pace - Adam Sandler

See that shampoo bottle? Now shove it up...nevermind. Fun ride. Casual pace. Few hills. Unless It rains. Now get back to work!


clintpatty said...

meet at etc?
it sounds fixed gear compatible?
or will it be 12-14 pace so should ride the hybrid?
i donno yet if i'll be up for it or busy

beardsarefun said...

Actually, Corey is going to be leading the ride so i'm not 100% certain of the course. Yes it is fixed compatible but youre welcomed to ride your FX if you like.