Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Ups

Thanks to everyone who rode tonight. Also thanks to everyone who came to the cookout and drank all the beer. Seriously though, it was good seeing all of you tonight for the ride and post-ride. We guess'timated the head count to be over 30 which is not too shabby for a weds night.


Tyler said...

what was last nights ride did you guys do the ride of silence because the site list the date as next Wednesday.

beardsarefun said...

No, it was a regular road ride then we grilled out behind the shop. I corrected the date for the Ride of Silence - someone told me it was weds and in a hurry to post it, i didnt realize she meant next week. Sooooo, yes, whoever may read this, the Ride Of Silence is next weds at 7pm. Pay your respects and do'et! I will try to not ride the noisy ass sidecar bike again.