Wednesday, May 20, 2009

first of all

A few things tonight:

one, thanx to everyone who rode tonight (tuesday). thanx to clint for the tour de' hood, and thanx to thomas for the entertaining wreck and not getting hit. on a side note, it was my first trip to the nook which for those of you who dont know, has 1,000 beers on tap, some illegal in equador. aside from the douche bag (aka: unusually rude) regulars there, it was an awesome bar that i hope to frequent more. The plan is to claim the bar for ourselves, chase the lame regulars out, then just go back to voodoo where we'd really rather be anyways. its the principle! they dont even have darts and you need UV protection to be in there.

two, the twofive bus is planning a trip to Memphis not this weekend, but next, for the Bicycle Film Festival. dont be fooled by inferior imitators. you get what you pay for. we have limited spots available so please inquire within. Did i mention we will be participating in the film festival, gold sprints, alley cats, a few special events, and much much more. hit us up if you're interested and not in Spring City.

three, the Alabama Thundercat race will be held sunday june 7th at 2pm in Huntsvelle. the race is designed so you dont need to be from H'ville to be competitive and you will need a partner for teams of two. If you need a partner, drop us a line. we can make it happen. this will be a very fun event so make the drive! fun and fun is the emphasis here. also fun. did i mention we have an alcohol sponsor or two plus crazy prizes?

fourth, please come join us today (weds) for the ride of silence to honor those who have fallen on the streets. the ride will start outside of bicycles etc on meridian st at 7pm. come pay your respects and support the living.

fifthly, how sweet is that broakland above? props.

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Mark Durling said...

man you guys have a bunch going on ! I've only been to the nook once but its a pretty cool place. and yes That bike is the shizzy