Thursday, May 14, 2009

I <3 Spring

A few of us had enough time to squeeze in a last minute evening ride from downtown to the river tonight. Days like this remind me that the world can be a pretty grand place. On another note, everyone please come out for the rescheduled Mayor's Ride this Sunday 2pm at the kids fountain behind Early Works. Helmets are required andt here is a waiver you will need to sign so show up by 1:30. If you ride a bike in Huntsville, you need to be here for this and show the city we are a force to be reckoned with.


Tyler said...

Nice spandex Corey

beardsarefun said...

ha,it was at least a Giro D'Italia jersey. How was polo? Sorry me and Dustin bounced...tired

Tyler said...

It was good got three games in Tadi is going to be an up and coming star.

And Clint was spinning out like a demon from hell.

All and all it was a good night maybe we could get together a grass game after the mayor's ride sunday

clintpatty said...

28x23 was approximately the gear I rode. And it was more fun than on the fixed gear. Hope I didn't ride too aggressively close to others. The big tires are nice for hitting the ball.

alona said...

bring those tall bikes to the bicycle film festival in Memphis this May 29 - 30!

can't wait to see some huntsville folks.