Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh My

There's at least ten things wrong with this bike. What are they?


Derek Johnson said...


beardsarefun said...

that's one. not sure if it is actually a pokemon but i know what youre talking about.

terrence trevail said...

bmx bars
bmx stem
puss pad
top tube mounted brake
italian brake on jap bike
gay toy under saddle
gay toy on handlebars
knog flasher aimed at tire
italian cranks on jap frame
italian post on jap frame....do I get an A?

beardsarefun said...

holy crap, there is nothing more i can teach you grasshopper. that was awesome.

everyone else, there are a few others to be spotted.

marshmallow said...

I'm seeing a pattern here. french wheel on japanese frame?

marshmallow said...

Damnit, the the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that there are two bikes like this. Meaning, these people think this is totally the right thing to do

Tyler said...

yes we could work on bikes and drink beer in my garage sometime

clintpatty said...

converter headset wastes the grams
carbon front
clips and straps instead of clipless
frame is not drilled for brake

bar tape instead of grips?
but to me that's just preference

anthony said...

i'd like to meet the owner of that bike.

Murse said...

What about the $3800 front fucking wheel?