Monday, June 29, 2009

Huntsville Hot Hot Mess Props


I would like to say thank you to everyone who came out to the alleycat this weekend. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did. We had a lot of really awesome people come out and really great sponsors. I cant thank them all enough. Please support your local small businesses and tell them thanks. Locals Dustin and Davis won the race with the Bham guys right on their heels and Fridge Full O Fortyz in third. I think. Thanks to The Brown Eyes for the afterparty, thanks to the Redd Letters for playing, and thanks to HPD for not shutting us down. For those who missed the afterparty - holy crap. We had people in their underwear all over the place (agter a few drinks and no swimwear), people sword fighting (literally), psycho pups, a guy doing raft sprints, and the best mix of people in one place Huntsville has seen in a while. I posted a ton of pics on flickr so take a look back. Also, I didnt get any pics of the wheelbarrow race or hill-climb so if you have some, hit me up. We will be riding tomorrow for those interested so come on out !

Olde Towne Brewery
The Lumberyard
Gravis Shoes
Blue Rose Tattoos.
Bicycles Etc.
Trailhead Inc

People Signing In

Pre Race Shit Talking

Team Zissou



Mini Bike Grand Prix 006

Mini Bike Grand Prix 004



Post Race


The All New Swimming Dress


The LA guys

Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off

Although, if i did, it'd be really easy to put back on. LBS Bicycles ETC has a new bike with the all new Carbon Drive belt drive system on it. It gets 8000 miles a belt, never needs lubing, and runs super-silent. Comes from the factory with super veeps (we're talking H+ territory), brooks-style leather wrapped grips, and MKS Sylvans.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ground Zero

Thanks to everyone for atteneding the alleycat last night. I think it was a big success. Also a big big thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors - you all made this event go off flawlessly. ha, well, pretty close. I think it's safe to say that everyone had fun. I will follow up with a proper thanks, results, and pics once I have time to sort through everything, return equipment, clean up, and recover. For those who didn't make it, you missed out! We had 52 registered racers and a ton of others that just tagged along. Apparently everyone brought their entourage because the after party blew up to a few hundy throughout the night. One of the funniest things I noticed is that there were only few people in the pool right after the race but when I finally called it a night, there were tons in the water, most in their underwear, some chic in a dress, and one who lost her pants? I dont know what was up with that but she was laughing her ass off. Also a big thanks to the Redd Letters for playingnad bringing the jort-hate.

Here are some stupid videos to watch untul we get everything sorted. I dont know what is up with the parodies, maybe i missed the memo, but these are too horrible not to share:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Checklist? check!

Tomorrow is the kickoff for Huntsville's Bikearoo (working title). It starts off with this month's Critical Mass bike ride. For those who don't know what this is - seriously? jk Meet at the courthouse at 6:30pm to ride out at 7pm. It will be dark so lights, blinky's, and/or reflectors are needed. This is going to be a fun weekend so when you get home tonight, air up your tires, put fresh batteries in your lights, lube your chain, and get your bike gear in order for tomorrow so you can get off work, chill at home for a few, then head downtown for the fun.

The ride will end at the Flying Monkey/ Lowe Mill for the second annual Bike Art NIght. There will be a grill going and a bike-blender but, for the most part, it is a BYOB and BYOMeat event. Vegans, well, you probably wont have enough energy to make it to the Mill so who cares. You will want to lug your booze and food along during the ride. There will be a few bike trailers on the ride so i bet they will lend you a hand.

The ride will be short and sweet at a conversational pace. There are usually children on this ride if that gives you an idea of the pace. More information can be found at

Thennnnnn Saturday, the Soupe du jour, The Huntsville Hot Mess Alleycat at 8:30pm behind Bicycle's Etc. Scroll back a few posts for more details pertaining to the alleycat.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Motorists Are Assholes By Nature; Go Strap On Your 3000 lb Dick...Idiot

Room for both drivers, cyclists on the road
"A Colorado law that takes effect Aug. 5 legislates how bicyclists and drivers should have been sharing the road all along.

It’s unfortunate when government sees the need to legislate common sense. But more and more it seems necessary.

The new law — Senate Bill 148 — clarifies several rules of the road.

It requires vehicle drivers to allow 3 feet of space when passing bicyclists, clarifying that they may cross the center line when safe to do so.

This has angered some. But it just makes sense to give a wide berth to an exposed bicyclist as a ton of metal passes at a faster speed.

Even roads with nice bike lanes put the two modes of transportation into uncomfortably close situations.

The new law makes it a misdemeanor to harass bicyclists by throwing items at them, taunting them or driving toward them in a threatening manner.

Here’s a rule: What does human nature dictate? Certainly it does not include threatening someone smaller and less protected than one surrounded by bumpers, steel and air bags.

The law also clarifies that bicyclists must ride as far right as they feel safe to do and do not need to endure hazards to do so. Bicyclists also need to stay out of the way of larger vehicles.

For bicyclists, the law also confirms that they may pass or ride two abreast if not impeding traffic or when on paths and portions of roadway designated for bike traffic. Note that not all roads have bike lanes; just because there is a white line with asphalt to the right does not mean it is a bike lane. This one draws the ire of many but serves as a reminder that the road is made for all — drivers and bicyclists. Share courteously and with safety for all in mind.

Interestingly this was a bipartisan bill — carried by a Republican in the Senate and a Democrat in the House of Representatives.

There’s no need to wait for the law to go into effect to act with common sense.

More bikes than usual will take to the road Wednesday as part of the statewide Bike to Work Day.

Participate safely — as a cyclist and vehicle driver."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Penny Saved...

Wait, What's Going On This Weekend?

There is still time to start your Bicycle Art Projects and here is some more info:

Bicycle Art Show Drop Off:
Thursday 25th from 12 -4 and Friday the 26th 12 - 4 you can drop off your Art work downstairs. If you want to help out and decorate the room please stop by.

Potluck Drop off and Info:
Friday Downstairs from 12 - 4 or bring it with you on the ride. If you want to use the BBQ it will be fired up and ready for use that night.
Please try and bring real plates if you can and take them with you when it is over. Keep in mind we are trying to create less trash and food taste like crap on styrofoam and paper plates. There is also the Bike Blender so you can pedal your way to margaritas or smoothies bring your own fruit or mixes.

Friday's Critical Mass and Bicycle Art Show Party June 26

SE Corner of Courthouse Downtown Meet @ 6:30 pm and ride starts @ 7pm. Bring lights, noisemakers, signs and your voice for the biggest party on two wheels. Keep in mind this is to encourage people to ride a bicycle instead of drive, so be nice to motorists and encourage them with waves, smiles and joy!!!!! Remember this is fun!!!! There is still time to add your music to the DJ Bike Playlist here the DJ Bike is Solar Powered and loud so get ready to dance !!!!!!!!!!! Bicycle Art Show starts at 8pm At Lowe Mill

Saturday's The Hot Mess Alley Cat June 27

8:30 PM behind Bicycles Etc. Two person teams bring a cell phone with a camera or a camera and meet at the Lumberyard directly behind Bicycles Etc. you will need lights on your bike and helmets are encouraged. Plus you can go faster:) more info at Two Five Fix here

Sunday's Vintage Ride June 28

2 PM Meet at Huntsville Middle School @ 817 Adams

Sunday Bicycle Polo June 28

4pm Optimist Park Come out and play or watch and cheer your favorites on!!!
More Events @


This upcoming weekend is a celebration of all-things cycling in Huntsville. The weekend kicks off right with the Critical Mass bike ride on Friday Night. Meet at the courthouse at 6:30pm to ride at 7pm. The ride will be a casual pace and ends at the Lowe MIll for a night of Bike Art, drinks and food. Please bring lights and helmets are always encouraged.

Saturday Night is the alleycat race I previously posted about. Come out to Critical Mass and we will tell you all about it. To race, participate, or spectate, be at The Lumberyard behind Bicycles Etc Saturday by 8:30pm. Lights and helmets a good idea as usual.

Sunday is the fun Vintage Bike Ride. Again, come to Critical Mass and find out all about it.

Lastly, there has been talk of Bike Polo on Sunday as well so chime in if youre interested. Come be part of the fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

One Week One Week One Week!

It's almost time! Things have come together nicely and we have a slew of people to thank. Please support the people that are supporting us.

First of all, we'd like to say thank you to Olde Towne Brewery for their support. I saw a sign of theirs that said "Local Events Deserve Local Beer" and I couldn't think a better product to help give everyone a taste of Huntsville.

Thanks to Gravis Shoes for their support. Better known for their great skate shoes and bags, Gravis is trying to branch out to the urban cyclist with a new line up of stylish and durable kicks. A product review is soon to follow.

One of the sponsors I am the most pumped about is the incredible local talent over at Blue Rose Tattoos. The guys at Blue Rose are some of the most talented artists around and I am honored that they were so eager to participate. These guys are bad ass - stop by their shop and check out their portfolio's!

Need a new bike or some work done on old faithful? Go visit the guys over at Bicycles Etc. for knowledgeable and friendly service. These guys have been in business for over 20 years and carry the latest and greatest from brands like Trek, Orbea, Soma, and Surly.

If youre in the market for a Specialized, Ellsworth or custom ground-up MTB build, Trailhead Inc is the place to go. A bunch of great guys, the staff at Trailhead is full of mtb knowledge and boasts a great showroom and full-service repair department.

There are plenty of others I need to thank but its late and it will give you something to read tomorrow. Come join us!

Cyclist vs Driver

as reported in the Sun Times

"The fliers, which started appearing last week, a few days after a driver was ticketed on suspicion of endangering a cyclist, ask residents along the route of the annual cycling event to block the return leg of the ride.

"On July 25, in celebration of driver's rights, many cars will use the Left Hand Canyon Road, drive slowly and many may break down unexpectedly, blocking areas to the cyclists on the return leg of the 'Sunrise Century,'" the anonymous, one-page note reads. "Many cars and safe drivers all working together can send a message to the Statehouse to restrict cycling on our roads which are our only alternatives during family emergencies, commuting and required duties."

David Flores, 46, an avid cyclist who lives near Left Hand Canyon drives, said he and his neighbors found the fliers stuffed in their mailboxes June 11.

"There is nothing to be gained in trying to line the roads with cars to try and disrupt people on bicycles," Flores said.

Flores said the tone of the letter is obviously meant to incite a confrontation during the ride, despite its suggestion that pulling over to "inspect" vehicles for "engine trouble, sounds or other safety issues" is a form of civil disobedience.

"If that happens, there will be either an accident or some kind of confrontation," Flores said. "There are people who will go out of their way to light the powder keg on both sides."

Colorado State Patrol trooper David Hall said he shares that concern. He warned that drivers ought to think twice before trying to block the riders.

"We would highly discourage people from engaging in that behavior," Hall said. "It's illegal. You can't block the path of events or traffic."

The trooper said he receives calls daily from drivers complaining about bicyclists, but the issue is a two-way street.

"As frustrating as it might be for some, they (cyclists) have the right to use the roads," Hall said. "When we see bicyclists who are disregarding the rules of the road, we do enforce that.

"It's the individual responsibility of the bicyclists and the motorists to keep each other safe. We're not going to have a state trooper at every mile post."

Alex Hearn, organizer of the Sunrise Century ride for the past three years, said the event this year will be capped at 1,500 riders.

"We're trying to be a voice of calm and a voice of reason," Hearn said. "We just want to see everybody play nice."

The event planner said he plans to send e-mails to registered riders asking them to obey the rules of the road and report aggressive drivers.

Anita Riley, a Boulder County transportation planner, said the ride has been approved for a special-event permit.

That means Boulder County sheriff's deputies and state troopers will be stationed along the entire route, but cyclists have to obey regular traffic rules, and no roads will be closed for the event. Signs warning residents and drivers about the ride will also be posted."

Monday, June 15, 2009


If it doesn't rain, we're riding. I'll try to post an update as the weather plays out.

edit: weather is looking good so the ride is most definitely on!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get A Grip

Dobermann Bikes presents The Guidoune handlebar which is 100% hand made in North America from american-made True Temper tubing. "The Guidoune is designed to give street/park & dirt-jump MTBMX riders the most comfortable and tough bars they will ever own."

It's Getting Better And Better


Monday, June 8, 2009



Our big alleycat is coming up in a few weeks, Saturday night, june 27th to be exact. We have beer, bike, and tattoo sponsors in additoon to an an awesome after party/ pool party venue with free beer and band. You will need a team name - we can hook you up with a partner if you like, and a camera or cell phone with camera. This is not a fixed gear only event so ride what you like. We also have several places for out-of-towners to stay but get up with us so we know what to expect. Annnnnd, a local video production company has been talking about documenting the weekend to produce a feature about bike-life in alabama. come represent! Critical Mass Friday and the alleycat saturday!


Take a few roadies on mtn bikes, throw in a lot of beer, and awaaaaaaay we go:


Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Playin In Memphis

While in Memphis last weekend, a few people brought their mallets and polo was in full effect. We had players from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, California, Arkansas, Illinois, and Louisiana...all good people. Maybe if the rain holds off, we can play here tonight.








Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Human Traffic

We moved the alleycat to saturday night, june 27th, 8:30 pm. we have a killer afterparty lined up, a beer sponsor, parts sponsor, shoe sponsor, and a house for out-of-towners to crash for the night. race is designed so you wont have to know youre way around huntsville to be competitive. its all about fun. teams of two to race ; costumes not frowned upon, need a cell phone or camera.

"Human Traffic" Trailer #1 from Human Traffic Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Biking" Versus "Cycling"

Pseudo-interesting: Here:

"After reading the headline for yesterday's Legal Lad podcast--"What Happens if You Drink and Bike?"--MZMI wrote in suggesting quite strongly that "bike" cannot be a verb because "Bike is short for bicycle. Bicycle means a contraption with two wheels. "Bi", in anything, means two of something . . . The action of the bicycle is cycling NOT biking. One cycles, one does NOT bike. Biking is a meaningless word. Cycling means going somewhere using a bicycle (or tricycle!)."

Although MZMI's logic is flawless, English isn't always a logical language. "Bike" has been used as an intransitive verb since the late 1800s. In fact, the first known reference provided by the Oxford English Dictionary is an 1883 sentence about drinking and biking: "We very modestly declined, informing them that 'biking' and drinking are inconsistent."

As you can see, in this instance "biking" is enclosed in quotation marks, probably indicating that it was a new word or slang at the time; but the quotation marks had disappeared by 1897.

The first reference showing "bike" as an abbreviation for "bicycle" is from 1882, just one year before it's first use as a verb, so it seems that the use of "bike" as a noun and a verb arose at or near the same time. Both are now fully standard."

I still tend to think that cyclists ride bikes and bikers ride motorcycles.

If My Legs Still Work Tomorrow: