Thursday, June 25, 2009

Checklist? check!

Tomorrow is the kickoff for Huntsville's Bikearoo (working title). It starts off with this month's Critical Mass bike ride. For those who don't know what this is - seriously? jk Meet at the courthouse at 6:30pm to ride out at 7pm. It will be dark so lights, blinky's, and/or reflectors are needed. This is going to be a fun weekend so when you get home tonight, air up your tires, put fresh batteries in your lights, lube your chain, and get your bike gear in order for tomorrow so you can get off work, chill at home for a few, then head downtown for the fun.

The ride will end at the Flying Monkey/ Lowe Mill for the second annual Bike Art NIght. There will be a grill going and a bike-blender but, for the most part, it is a BYOB and BYOMeat event. Vegans, well, you probably wont have enough energy to make it to the Mill so who cares. You will want to lug your booze and food along during the ride. There will be a few bike trailers on the ride so i bet they will lend you a hand.

The ride will be short and sweet at a conversational pace. There are usually children on this ride if that gives you an idea of the pace. More information can be found at

Thennnnnn Saturday, the Soupe du jour, The Huntsville Hot Mess Alleycat at 8:30pm behind Bicycle's Etc. Scroll back a few posts for more details pertaining to the alleycat.

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Bello Velo said...

thanks man this is going to be huge!!!!!