Monday, June 29, 2009

Huntsville Hot Hot Mess Props


I would like to say thank you to everyone who came out to the alleycat this weekend. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did. We had a lot of really awesome people come out and really great sponsors. I cant thank them all enough. Please support your local small businesses and tell them thanks. Locals Dustin and Davis won the race with the Bham guys right on their heels and Fridge Full O Fortyz in third. I think. Thanks to The Brown Eyes for the afterparty, thanks to the Redd Letters for playing, and thanks to HPD for not shutting us down. For those who missed the afterparty - holy crap. We had people in their underwear all over the place (agter a few drinks and no swimwear), people sword fighting (literally), psycho pups, a guy doing raft sprints, and the best mix of people in one place Huntsville has seen in a while. I posted a ton of pics on flickr so take a look back. Also, I didnt get any pics of the wheelbarrow race or hill-climb so if you have some, hit me up. We will be riding tomorrow for those interested so come on out !

Olde Towne Brewery
The Lumberyard
Gravis Shoes
Blue Rose Tattoos.
Bicycles Etc.
Trailhead Inc

People Signing In

Pre Race Shit Talking

Team Zissou



Mini Bike Grand Prix 006

Mini Bike Grand Prix 004



Post Race


The All New Swimming Dress


The LA guys


Mark Durling said...

looks like you guys had a great turn out and a really good time. Congrats on the successful weekend!

anthony said...

is there a ride tonight? please say yes.

ponyheart said...


incognito said...

That race was great! Team Fridge Full of Forties was awsome! :-)

J said...

Many thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for this event. I'm new to the cycling scene and I had a blast! (I'm the guy in the yellow shirt in the first pic) It was awesome to see so many great people out having a good time. Anyway, thanks again to everyone involved.

ponyheart said...

we're glad you had fun. this was the second year of the art show and the first for the Hot Mess. We have done alleycats before but none quite like this. it wouldnt had been the same if all these great people hadnt participated. There was a ton of familiar faces and more importantly, a ton of new ones.