Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wait, What's Going On This Weekend?

There is still time to start your Bicycle Art Projects and here is some more info:

Bicycle Art Show Drop Off:
Thursday 25th from 12 -4 and Friday the 26th 12 - 4 you can drop off your Art work downstairs. If you want to help out and decorate the room please stop by.

Potluck Drop off and Info:
Friday Downstairs from 12 - 4 or bring it with you on the ride. If you want to use the BBQ it will be fired up and ready for use that night.
Please try and bring real plates if you can and take them with you when it is over. Keep in mind we are trying to create less trash and food taste like crap on styrofoam and paper plates. There is also the Bike Blender so you can pedal your way to margaritas or smoothies bring your own fruit or mixes.

Friday's Critical Mass and Bicycle Art Show Party June 26

SE Corner of Courthouse Downtown Meet @ 6:30 pm and ride starts @ 7pm. Bring lights, noisemakers, signs and your voice for the biggest party on two wheels. Keep in mind this is to encourage people to ride a bicycle instead of drive, so be nice to motorists and encourage them with waves, smiles and joy!!!!! Remember this is fun!!!! There is still time to add your music to the DJ Bike Playlist here the DJ Bike is Solar Powered and loud so get ready to dance !!!!!!!!!!! Bicycle Art Show starts at 8pm At Lowe Mill

Saturday's The Hot Mess Alley Cat June 27

8:30 PM behind Bicycles Etc. Two person teams bring a cell phone with a camera or a camera and meet at the Lumberyard directly behind Bicycles Etc. you will need lights on your bike and helmets are encouraged. Plus you can go faster:) more info at Two Five Fix here

Sunday's Vintage Ride June 28

2 PM Meet at Huntsville Middle School @ 817 Adams

Sunday Bicycle Polo June 28

4pm Optimist Park Come out and play or watch and cheer your favorites on!!!
More Events @ http://www.bellovelo.com

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