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Tuesday's Gone

I haven't been posting much lately - been busy and haven't had anything particularly cool to share. Soooooooo, Im not going to ride tomorrow night once again since I am leaving early the following morning and have a lot of packing to do still (aka all of it) I know a lot of people still want to ride so make it happen!Have fun and wear your helmets.

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Tokyo Drift

Saturday Sessions

Saturday Session from Graig Anderson on Vimeo.

What's Stronger Than Carbon Fiber?

apparently labrador. Throw in some resin and we may have a new wonder material. The dog seemed okay and in defense of the wheel, none of them are very strong when hit from the side like that.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Funday Recap

Today was an absolutely perfect day to watch some fast paced crits here in Huntsville. The races went off smoothly with only a few mishaps (we're all pulling for you Ken!). Congratulations to everyone for their efforts and especially Tuscaloosa youngblood Logan Haskew for his third place in the mens 3/2/1 today. Big ups to Matt Winstead for being fast as shit as always, (we know it takes a lot of work but you make it look oh so easy), Timo, Chris, Ryan, Craig, and all the other local guys who are excellent examples of great cyclists and all around great guys.


This kid is 15! Fif-fucking-teen and he's racing (and winning) against grown men. Keep an eye on this kid. Also pictured, Velocity owners Mark and Gina Simpson with their cute new kiddie.

Winstead finally pulling some! jk

Mini-keg in one bag, suitcase of pbr in the other

Apparently a few beers mixed with nice weather and some racing and bam!, a skid comp breaks out.


Post Crit Movie Screening

CHINLE, AZ from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Friday, July 17, 2009

When The Weekend Comes

There is a road race saturday morning, a hill climb time trial saturday afternoon, and a crit on sunday - not to mention the weather is going to be better than perfect to ride all weekend. Ride to the race and support cycling or take a casual bike stroll and support your favorite small business! Take a companion and share the fun. If you want to watch the crit with a few of us, get at me.

Dog Cargo *, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Thursday, July 16, 2009

H+Son, Son

After a few prototypes, H+Son has expanded their line to include a new aluminum track bike. I haven't heard what they are going to sell for but they closely resemble old Cannondale track bikes in both appearance and geometry. I was never into Cannondales smoothed out welds but tastes change and this one kinda appeals to me now.

aforementioned cannondale:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ya Feel Me?

Prolly In The News

A Meeting of Dervishes With Fixed Gears

As seen in the NY Times.
Published: July 10, 2009

"There is no coasting on a fixed-gear bicycle. Because the single gear is mounted directly onto the back wheel, the pedals keep turning as long as the wheel does. And when the rider pedals backwards, the bike moves backwards. No brakes, either: riders use the force of their legs to stop the pedals and, thus, the bike.

This gives riders much more control over their machines, and lends itself to tricks and maneuvers that have come to be known as fixed-gear freestyle, from a simple wheelie to routines in which bicycles bunny-hop down stairs or rotate on the back wheel while spinning the front wheel and handlebars, called a bar-spin.

“We all started doing tricks on these bikes because it was how we were getting around the city,” said John Watson, 28, an architectural intern who lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “The benefit to these bikes is that you don’t have to go home and get your ‘trick bike.’ You can just stop and ride a little bit.”

Mr. Watson maintains a popular blog about fixed-gear freestyle bikes,, and for the last two years has played host to an informal gathering of fixed-gear riders on Thursday nights under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Williamsburg. Similar meetings take place in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.

The gatherings, known as peel sessions (“peel” refers to a trick in which the rider skids on a fixed back wheel), draw a mix of bike messengers, film editors, industrial designers, take-out deliverers and students to a parking lot about two blocks long and 50 feet wide at Jackson Street and Meeker Avenue. The participants vary from experienced cyclists with sponsorships for competitions like New York’s annual Monstertrack, to novices learning to wheelie for the first time.

Fixed gears date to the mid-19th century, and bike messengers in New York have long found them to be dependable and practical machines for tough city streets. But it is only in the past few years that riders, inspired mostly by skateboarding and BMX, began to push the limits of doing tricks on a fixed-gear bike."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stuff Came Up

I can't ride tomorrow night - that's not to say there can't be a ride but you won't have my charming self to keep you company. I suggest those of you who want to ride call up some others or get some chatter going on here, otherwise, it may be a no-show. It won't be the same i know but try and carry on.

as posted on H.T.A.T.B.L.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Skumlife Sprints & Giggles

A few people had asked me about the Nashville sprints this last weekend and I kinda dropped the ball (my bad)- plus i had to work. I'm definitely eager to get some HSV guys together to make the trip for the next event so now that you can get an idea what you're looking at, maybe you will be more pumped to make it happen. I see you guys still haven't got those fork clamps locked down and Dave, damn, your legs were a blur. Good to see MC Keith on the mic as well. I promise we will come hang out!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Overpriced Beercan Bike For Sale

With all due respect... Cinelli is not what it used to be and sales had plummeted until the fixed gear trend saved them a couple years ago. But hey if you want to pay a stupid amount of money for a mediocre bike, here's your chance to get one. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the bike whatsoever, but there's just nothing amazing with it either except what they think it's worth. Watch out pista concept, there's a new girl in class.
Pics borrowed from The Riot Club

Seattle In The Spring

This is A Craigslist ad from a Seattle Bike Shop. Its one of those things where, you may have thought some of it at some time, but you can certainly never say it. I have to say it is overly mean but funny nonetheless:

A few things from the bike shop.

Whoo-hoo Seattle, the sun is out! Let's discuss a few things before you fumble with swapping the unused ski rack for the unused bike rack on the Subaru. So yes, you've noticed the sun is out, and hey!- maybe it would be cool to to some bike riding. Let's keep in mind that the sun came out of all 600,000 of us, so for the most part, you're not the only one who noticed. Please remember that when you walk into my shop on a bright, sunny Saturday morning. It will save you from looking like a complete twat that huffs "Why are there so many people here?" Are we all on the same page now about it being sunny outside? Have we all figured out that we're not the only clever people that feel sunny days are good for bike riding? Great. I want to kiss all of you on your forehead for sharing this moment with me. Put your vitamin D starved fingers in mine, and we'll move on together to some pointers that will make life easier.
- I don't know what size of bike you need. The only thing that I can tell over the phone is that you sound fat. I don't care how tall you are. I don't care how long your inseam is. Don't complain to me that you don't want to come ALL THE WAY down to the bike shop to get fitted for a bike. I have two hundred bikes in my inventory. I will find one that fits you. Whether you come from the north or the south, my shop is downhill. Pretend you're going to smell a fart, ball up, and roll your fat ass down here.
- Don't get high and call me. Write it down, call me later. When I have four phone lines ringing, and a herdlet of people waiting for help, I can't deal with you sitting there "uuuuhhh"-ing and "uuummm"-ing while your brain tries to put together some cheeto-xbox-fixie conundrum. We didn't get disconnected, I left you on hold to figure your shit out.
-I really do need to see your bike to know what is wrong with it. You've already figured out that when you car makes a noise, the mechanic needs to see it. When your TV goes blank, a technician needs to see it. I can tell you, if there is one thing I've learned from you fucking squirrels, it's that "doesn't shift right" means your bike could need a slight cable adjustment, or you might just need to stop backing into it with the Subaru. Bring it in, I'll let you know for sure.
- No, I don't know how much a good bike costs. For some, spending $500 dollars is a kingly sum. For others, $500 won't buy you one good wheel. You really need to have an idea of what you want, because every one of you raccoons "doesn't want to spend too much".
- Just because you think it should exist, doesn't mean that it does. I know that to you, a 14 inch quill stem makes perfect sense, but what makes more sense is buying a bike that fits you, not trying to make your mountain bike that was too small for you to begin with into a comfort bike.
- If some twat on some message board somewhere says that you can use the lockring from your bottom bracket as a lockring for a fixie conversion doesn't mean that A: you can, or B: you should. Please listen to me on this stuff, I really do have your best interests at heart.
- I love that you have the enthusiasm to build yourself a recumbent in the off season. That does not mean however, that I share your enthusiasm; ergo I won't do the "final tweaks" for you. You figure out why that Sram shifter and that Shimano rear derailleur don't work together. While we're at it, you recumbent people scare me a little. Don't bring that lumbering fucking thing anywhere near me.
-If you shitheads had any money, you wouldn't NEED a vintage Poo-zhow to get laid. Go have an ironic mustache growing contest in front of American Apparel, so that I can continue selling $300 bikes to fatties, which is what keeps the lights on.
- Being made in the 80's may make something cool, but that doesn't automatically make something good. The reason that no one has ridden that "vintage" Murray is because it's shit. It was shit in the 80's, a trend it carried proudly through the 90's, and rallied with into the '00's. What I mean to say is, no, I can't make it work better. It's still shit, even with more air in the tires.
Good for you! Biking is awesome. It's easy, it's fun, it's good for you. I want you to bike, I really do. To that end, I am here to help you.
-Your co-worker that's "really into biking" knows fuck all. Stop asking for his advice. He could care less about you having the right bike. He wants to validate his bike purchase(s) through you. He also wants to sleep with you, and wear matching bike shorts with you.
- You're not a triathlete. You're not. If you were, you wouldn't be here, and we both know it.
- You're not a racer. If you were, I'd know you already, and you wouldn't be here, and we both know it.
- So you want a bike that you can ride to work, goes really fast, is good for that triathlon you're doing this summer (snicker), is good on trails and mud, and costs less than $300. Yeah. Listen, I want a car that can go 200 miles an hour, tow a boat, has room for five adults, is easy to parallel park but can carry plywood, gets 60mpg, and only costs $3,000. I also want a unicorn to blow me. What are we even talking about here? Oh yeah. Listen, bikes can be fast, light, cheap and comfortable. Pick two, and we're all good.
Your kids are amazing. Sure are. No one else has kids as smart, able, funny or as good looking as you. Nope. Never see THAT around here.
- I have no idea how long you kid will be able to use this bike. As it seems to me, your precious is a little retarded, and can't even use the damn thing now. More likely, your budding genius is going to leave the bike in the driveway where you will Subaru the bike to death LONG before the nose picker outgrows the bike.
- Stop being so jumpy. I am not a molester. You people REALLY watch too much TV. When I hold the back of the bike while your kid is on it, it's not because I get a thrill from *almost* having my hand on kid butt, it's because kids are unpredictable, and generally take off whenever possible, usually not in the direction you think they might go. Listen, if I were going to do anything bad to your kids, I'd feed them to sharks, because sharks are FUCKING AWESOME.

I hope this helps, and have fun this summer riding your kick-ass bike!

* Location: Seattle
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

B-B-B-Bitches Ain't Shit But Hoes And Tricks

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Damn, That Boy Be Skiddin'

In addition to the Sprints (see yesterday's posts) in Nashville this Saturday, there are some good kids in the 'ham hosting a biweekly skid comp starting this very Sunday the 12th! Maybe nobody will break their collarbone this time? How did that heal by-the-way? Anyhow, these are some good guys and it looks like they have their shit together with legit sponsors like Chrome and the anti-christ of LBS's, Cahaba Cycles. I'm not familiar with their other sponsors but they seem pumped and i trust their opinions. Either way, its supposed to be about the riding and i'm sure it will be a good time. Unless of course, you break your collarbone like the guy last year - that seemed more like the opposite of good time. Check out their site for frequent updates and haps.

I've Got Hose, In different Area Codes

Running Out Of Ideas...

Join Us! Tuesday night rides starting out from behind Bicycles Etc.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yee Haw, Nashville's Havin' A Hoe-Down

Even though they were all too weak to make the big trip to Huntsville for the mess (except Candace, thanks for riding), you should all make the trip to Nashville and pay it forward. They have some solid guys down there that will show you a good time, plus they don't ride so you can put a hurt on them in their own yard. kidding, damn - it'll be a lot of fun for real so get out of town for the day! - just tivo the tour.

Also, I think a lot of people are familiar with them but a lot are not, so if you don't know about Halcyon, pay them a visit while you're there. Here are some recent shots of the store by photographer and cyclist Jonathan Kingsbury

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Stuck In The Bama Clay

Didn't he move from Florence to Atlanta, then to Bham, then out to Portland? Where ever you are these days, what up Clay? Good to see you're still out there somewhere. Either way, I totally borrowed the video from Jarrod - wish you could have made it to the race man.

Clay Caldwell @ Sunnyside from miliken on Vimeo.

Hold Fast Or Die

I'm always down to support a product that uses Navy jargon and this is actually a cool new product versus a rebranded existing one. Tested by some of the most abusive and gnarly fixed riders around (and endorsed by John Prolly), the new Hold Fast foot retention system is a clever yet simple new design that may fit the bill for many of you out there. With a crazy amount of ankle and foot injuries this year, the HROD system will allow you to have secure non-slip foot placement yet still be able to get out quickly. Plus! No more broken toeclips. One of the things I really like is the quick adjustability so you don't always have to wear the same shoes. The HF FRS's run $55 pr. and you can get them at Hold Fast Or Die or drop them a line:

did anyone notice that guy is running 38mm's , holy crap!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hop On The BMX Bandwagon Before This Journey Ends

One more bmx company saying "hey we already have a bunch of horizontal dropouts and bmx blows, fuck it, lets make some dough." Check out the new fixed gear brand from the French BMX company St. Martin known as Focale 44. Isn't St. Martin a flatland company? The Bham guys should love these then - they can FGFS their asses off >: ) I wonder if Globe Bikes knows that someone stole their designs?

I Want This

Cry Little Boy Cry

Apparently this kid likes an elbow to his grill like a fat kid love cake. You can't watch this just once.