Sunday, July 19, 2009

Funday Recap

Today was an absolutely perfect day to watch some fast paced crits here in Huntsville. The races went off smoothly with only a few mishaps (we're all pulling for you Ken!). Congratulations to everyone for their efforts and especially Tuscaloosa youngblood Logan Haskew for his third place in the mens 3/2/1 today. Big ups to Matt Winstead for being fast as shit as always, (we know it takes a lot of work but you make it look oh so easy), Timo, Chris, Ryan, Craig, and all the other local guys who are excellent examples of great cyclists and all around great guys.


This kid is 15! Fif-fucking-teen and he's racing (and winning) against grown men. Keep an eye on this kid. Also pictured, Velocity owners Mark and Gina Simpson with their cute new kiddie.

Winstead finally pulling some! jk

Mini-keg in one bag, suitcase of pbr in the other

Apparently a few beers mixed with nice weather and some racing and bam!, a skid comp breaks out.



anthony said...

that last pic is begging for a pshop. i'm thinking wings, and lazer beam eyes

ponyheart said...

what happened to you today? As weird as it is, aside from the folks racing, i think more people showed up on track bikes than all others combined. I actually had someone from bham comment about how many of us there were. i think that goes to show the next gen of roadies around hereis going to be a very different breed indeed.

Anonymous said...

it's not a fixed gear
it's not a road bike
the only real bike
is a cargo bike

anthony said...

yeah i suck, i ended up hanging with the wife.

ponyheart said...

a couple guys tried a radical new thing called "bringing the wife/girlfriend with them to watch" - its pretty out there but getting good results

anthony said...

haha yeah i need to put the wifes bike back together

ponyheart said...

single speed, not fixed; right?